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The 2nd Edition of the already classic Chef's Directory is on its way. Completely revised and full of completely new never-seen-before content. Special price of £19.95 plus p&p for early orders. Regular price £25. Download the contents and see for yourself why The Chef's Directory is the must have chef book of 2016.

1st 50 orders receive a free copy of The Commis, our newspaper for chefs.

The Chef's Directory 2nd Edition

Introduction to the second edition by editor and creator Chandos Elletson. This is a much expanded edition and jam-packed with detail, information, help, guidance and much more. In short, this is the best book on the market for being a better chef - no matter what level you are at.

Chefs and Kitchens

The Chef's Directory - over 500 chefs listed with exclusive mini bio and social media information. This is a never-published-before list.
The Top 500 kitchens in the UK - why we feel they are important for your CV. We go further than ever to reveal which are the best kitchens to advance your career plus more detail than we've included before.

Working as a chef

How to get a job as a chef - discover the best ways to land your next job.

The Commis - our own Tom Gatehouse has now done 25 stages in some of the best kitchens in the world both in the UK and abroad. He's worked at 3, 2 and 1 star level and in top hotels too. Tom's stories of his exploits define what it means to be a young modern chef and the lessons he has learned will help you to be a better chef in a shorter amount of time. Make sure you take Tom's crash course!

A profession of islands - why learning to be a chef is a long journey of jumping from one kitchen to another before you can call yourself a head chef on your own terms.

The Guide to Recruitment
We've partnered up with Evolve Hospitality to examine why working with an agency is a great way to get experience and support. In a fascinating section we detail how your CV must look if it's going to get read plus how to do an impressive interview.

Responding to social media
How to read between the lines of social media job links and choose the ones that make the most sense.

Sean's story - the story of Sean Smith a 17 year old commis from Manchester who contacted us in early 2015 looking for help. By following our advice he spent a year with Adam Smith at The Devonshire Arms and is now a commis chef at The French. This is a remarkable story which proves that attitude, above anything, is what underpins success as a chef.

The Insiders Guide to Catering - a secret view of top caterer BaxterStorey

The Insiders Guide to Hotels - a glimpse into The Ritz

Your own place

So, how do you get a place of your own? What if? We imagined a restaurant just to see how difficult it is to realise a dream.

  1. Who are the customers?
  2. The mission statement/ the concept
  3. Who are you really working for?
  4. Opening times
  5. The menu & the research - how to write a menu. A lesson in psychology.
  6. The number of movements
  7. The cookware and the equipment
  8. The site - not so easy as it seems
  9. The lease
  10. The money - investors, crowdfunding or savings?
  11. The design
  12. The build


The ultimate A-Z of everything you need to know to put the right ingredients on your plates

An A-Z mini guide to all the major ingredients

Meat, poultry - imagine having to use a whole carcass and you'll write your menus more
effectively. A brilliant section with top butcher Aubrey Allen.
Fish - A guide to the ports and markets. Knowing where fish comes from helps you choose the right one at the right time of year.
Cheese - a complete mini guide to cooking with and serving cheese
Chocolate - a guide to the chocolate of the world plus how to use it
Stock - why the foundation of cooking is still the most important ingredient in the kitchen. A brilliant insight into stock-making with TRUEfoods.


Plating up - the science behind choosing plates


We have teamed with CCS to bring you an expanded equipment section.
Equipment - What do you really need? We look at 10 chefs and how they kitted out their kitchens
Plus an in-depth look at pastry and bread-making equipment

Cleaning and KP

Spotless - what your kitchen needs to be clean at all times - and how to make sure it is

The Chef Media

Who's who and how you are the centre of your own media campaign.
How to use social media to your advantage
Do you really need to write a cookbook?

Looking after number 1

What it takes to have a long career as a chef.
Stop, consider, serve - how to get your kitchen back on track
My own story - nervous breakdown
The ultimate diet for chefs.
First aid for chefs


Search by chef, kitchen, restaurant with rooms, restaurants with kitchen gardens and farms, staff housing, specialists in meat or fish, ingredient, equipment, Twitter handle and much more in the most comprehensive chef industry index ever produced.

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