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The Chef's Directory is the ultimate website for junior and student chefs in the UK who are looking for inspiration, knowledge, resources and video of the worlds best chefs and kitchens - like this video of leading chef Sat Bains talking about his 2 Michelin star tasting menu (below).

There is no site like The Chef's Directory. You can find listings and profiles of all the major chefs, restaurants, equipment suppliers, chef schools, colleges, caterers and much more. All by clicking the category you are interested in - see the list on the left.

These days chefs don't just do the cooking. Today a chef must understand ingredients, seasonality, suppliers, customers, service, equipment, cooking, management, leadership and many other things before he or she can truly call themselves qualified.

Here at The Chef's Directory we have attempted to split the profession into designated categories so that if you need to find something or learn something then its easy to find.

We know and understand that learning to be a chef is hard and the job can be brutal and disruptive. But, if you are smart and you are prepared to learn from the best then you can spare yourself some of the hardships and get to where you want to be much faster.

We believe that the best way to becoming a qualified and experienced chef is to get the right training first and decide quickly where you want to specialise.

However, that does not mean learning stops after college or after your first promotion. Learning will continue throughout your career and those that seek out the best opportunities will ultimately thrive better.

Today successful chefs do not just work in restaurants - there is a growing band of chefs who are specialising in butchery, bakery, cheese making and pastry.

The future of the chef profession lies in the ability to manage a social life with a profession and by specialising in a key area you can enjoy the hard work of restaurants knowing it will lead on to other things.

The key to a successful life as a chef is to decide early where you want to specialise and then get the right specific training.

And we see our job to help you do that. We are busy scouring the world of cooking to bring you the best video, the best opportunities, the best events to go to and much more.

Make a start with our new Chef Knowledge section which you can find on the left. There you will find opportunities, the top 100 chefs in the UK and their contact details, video interviews and much more.

Posted: 18th February 2014
Last Updated: 19th February 2014