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The Chef's Directory 2015 is a revolutionary book for chefs of all levels. The twenty year brainchild of former Restaurant Magazine founder Chandos Elletson, featuring a foreword by Michel Roux OBE; The Chef's Directory 2015 is filled with every conceivable bit of information you need to take your chef career to the next stage! 
Regardless if you are a seasoned chef or a student, with The Chef’s Directory, you'll find all the information you need. 

With nine sections, and 480 pages of material, whether you’re looking for easily digested info on chef education, are eager to work in a top kitchen but don't know how to apply, or are after advice from some of the top chefs in the world; The Chef’s Directory has all the answers.
But it doesn’t stop there. If you’re after more information on working in hotels, looking for an ingredient or an ingredient supplier, wondering what equipment to buy, or are even lost in the world of chef media; you’ll find no better guide. 

Couple this with a first of its kind listings of well over 500 of the best kitchens in the UK to work in, you have, as top chefs have hailed it, a Chef’s Bible. 
Looking for a job as a chef can be tough. Job ads on websites can be obscure and sometimes you have to depend on word of mouth. 

However, with The Chef's Directory, you can take matters into your own hands. Our restaurant and kitchen listings give you all the information you need to pick a restaurant you would like to work in and follow their advice on the best way to get into the brigade. 

With careers information bespoke to each kitchen, we’ve gone out of our way to find out how each kitchen likes to be approached so you can apply with confidence. 
The Chef's Directory, however, is much more than a book of lists. It contains twenty unique stories with chefs, psychologists, PR gurus and life coaches all designed to highlight a different area of the profession that you can use for inspiration or simply to learn more about what chefs do. 

You'll find top chefs - such as Michel Roux OBE, Sat Bains, Andrew Fairlie, Claire Clark, Pierre Gagnaire, Bruce Sangster and James Wilkins – addressing the issues chefs face every single day, in and outside of the kitchen. 

We take education very seriously. You'll find the only complete list of catering colleges anywhere in The Chef's Directory, complete with details of their courses and philosophy. You'll also find details of chef schools and chef courses. 

We also love ingredients. Our ingredient sections are ground-breaking and you'll find all the key ingredients - such as meat, fish, fruit & veg, cheese, dairy, chocolate and stock - extensively covered. 

Furthermore, you'll find involving features such as Charlie Hicks' brilliant guide to the seasons, a great piece by Russell Allen on being The Chef's Butcher, and Mitch Mitchell on why his stocks are now the choice of many leading chefs. 

We have also listed every important ingredient supplier by section, making this part of the book the most comprehensive list of suppliers available anywhere. 

We understand the struggles of the modern chef. Head chefs and commis unite, The Chef’s Directory is the book you need!


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